Thursday Dinners


Sometimes we like to come together and get fancy and make a homemade meal; we like to call these events Thursday dinners. These days usually begin with a hectic Thursday morning first. Per usual, these mornings start with taking your sweet time while enjoying putting on a fresh coat of make up and realizing that you should have been in the car seven minutes ago and always end with a sweet treat.


Coincidentally, we both had a pretty long day. By the time Indre got to Simona’s house, we were not in the mood to watch food simmer for 45 minutes and instead were ready to scarf down some dinner. We decided to make an easy chicken fettuccine alfredo with garlic bread and some wine. And when we say wine, we mean pepsi in a wine glass because your sister forgot to pick up the wine but you still want to be fancy.

center piece** insert fancy dinner table center piece here 😉 **




After our chicken fettuccine alfredo and mentally induced wine, we needed desert. Feeling like stuffed roasted pigs, we were under no circumstances in the mood to make desert, solution? Oberweis. Some us prefer an adult desert infused with walnuts, ice cream, and fudge, or for lack of better words, a turtle sundae. However, some of us just prefer to order from the infant menu and get an oreo frostbite.

Happy Eating!

xoxo, Simona & Indre

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