Give Me a Break!

We all know how rough days go, however, we don’t all know what to do about them. Sometimes we just need a break; a mental getaway. Here, fellow friends, are a couple of ways in which we find peace at the end of the day.

Bath Bombs
IMG_2185 (1)I have always been very pro towards relaxing in a hot tub of water. Nothing compares to sweating like a pig in hot water like a bath does. I do, however, find plain baths rather boring; let me introduce the bath bomb. About a year and a half ago I was living in the west coast in northern Washington. It was around Christmas time and I couldn’t afford to go home because of work and the ridiculous plane fare so my family mailed my Christmas presents. Simona got me a lame box full of circles and squares from some company called Lush. She insisted that I would enjoy these things called “bath bombs”. So I started the water up and threw one into the tub; game over. Ever since then, I do not even consider taking a bath without a bomb in it. Depending on the kind of bath bomb you get, it can vary from soothing aromas to oils that help the skin. My favorite part of a bath bomb is the color it creates in your bath tub. No my friends, bath bombs are not invisible, they create an ocean of colors in your bath, and some even explode with glitter. Bath bombs help me relax more than a regular bath because the purple colored water with glitter puts me in rockstar status mode and nothing is more relaxing than feeling like the bomb! (no pun intended) I buy my bath bombs at Lush, so feel free to hit up your local mall to pick some up and if not, you can order them online via the Lush website. My other favorite place to get bath bombs from is an Etsy shop called Adams Garden of Eden. Her bath bombs last a solid 15 minutes while melting away in the hot water, it’s fantastic. You’ll also be supporting a small business! Last note, nothing makes your bath bomb more relaxing than a couple rubber duckies to seal the deal.

       Bob Marley and a glass of wine
MI0003146038What’s a bath with a bath bomb in it without a glass of wine? Actually, what’s a glass of wine without Bob Marley? My favorite place on earth is Maui; bills, responsibility, and adulting do not exist there. It is my place of zen. Unfortunately, I do not live in Maui and can’t afford to go there more than once a year. So in order to get the relaxing feel of Maui in Illinois, I bring Maui to me. I do that by listening to Bob Marley, or any reggae in that matter. It is my little piece of Maui that I can bring wherever I go. However, Bob Marley alone does not do the trick, in the recipe this is where we throw in a pinch of wine. A glass of moscato and some reggae makes anything more relaxing. I thoroughly dislike exercising, in fact exercising stresses me out! But if I had Bob Marley and a glass of wine on my treadmill, now we’re talking. Nothing is more relaxing than something that can whisk you away to your favorite destination. I ask you fellow friends, what’s your Bob Marley and Moscato?

ReadingFullSizeRenderI really enjoy reading. Why make my own getaway if I can just pick up a book and get sucked into someone else’s getaway? It’s really that easy for me to relax and put my mind elsewhere. The most convenient thing about reading is you get to pick what you want to read. Nobody said go pick up The Lord of the Rings and make a semi hassle for yourself, no, pick what you like! If I am stressing I want a book that can completely pull me in and help me forget about my worries. The great thing is that there is a million different books available and no one said you had to go to Barnes and Nobles and pay $20 for a book, just go to your local goodwill and check out the books there. The most you’ll pay is $1.79 for a hardcover book.  A good book I would suggest to anyone is something I picked up for my flight to San Diego. “The Things You Would Have Said” by Jackie Hooper is a compilation of “the chance to say what you always wanted them to know”. You are basically reading the things that people wish they would’ve said to someone or something. I was balling like a baby half of the flight. It truly was a phenomenal piece. Or if you like to twist things up a notch and learn something, I highly suggest “The Secret World of Slugs and Snails: Life in the Very Slow Lane” by David George Gordon, it is my all time favorite book! Honestly, reading is the easiest form of relaxation and getting away in your own house.

Coloring Books
FullSizeRender (1)Remember your coloring books when you were a kid? Princesses or maybe your dinosaur coloring books, regardless of what it was, they’re back! Adult coloring books are on a hot market right now because these coloring books are literally made to help adults relax. They are pretty intricate, but boy are they fun. Takes me about two hours to very prettily color a squad of jellyfish, but once they’re done they will be hanging on my fridge with pride for a solid month. These guys are available anywhere from amazon, to target, to wherever you so choose. So if a bath bomb with Bob Marley and wine with a book are not your cup of tea, coloring books will certainly be your cup of coffee.

Happy Relaxing!

xoxo, Simona and Indre


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