My Everyday Makeup Look

cover picture

I often hit the snooze button way too much, so I need a quick makeup look. This lately has been my go to. I can get it done in about 10 minutes! I typically go for a more natural look for work, so this has been my go too for a couple months now.


Priming my face and eyes is very important-if I don’t do this step my makeup will start sliding off in like 2 hours. Don’t ever skip this step when doing your makeup, your face will thank you as the day goes on =) I am a huge fan of the Milani eye shadow primer, it has amazing lasting power. I just recently bought the Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer, and so far I  have been enjoying it.

eye shadow

I have been obsessed with the Lorac Pro palette for quite some time now (as you can tell I have hit pan on a lot of the colors!). I reach for this palette everyday. For my brow bone I use white and cream mixed together. On the crease I have been using mauve, which is a perfect transition color. I use pewter all over the lid, and I also pop a little bit of nude in my tear duct area-which really brightness your whole look. Make sure you blend good so that there are no harsh lines!

mascara and eyeliner

Before I put on my mascara I always curl them lashes 😉 I have been loving the Tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara and the Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner. I don’t have issues with the mascara flaking or the eye liner smudging, which is always a plus!


This concealer is absolutely amazing, you would never guess that it is a drugstore product! I use this under my eyes as well as any blemishes that I may have.


I have been loving this Tarte Amazonian powder foundation, it gives me just enough coverage. I also have noticed that my face has cleared up a lot since I started using this. Some liquid foundations can cause your pores, so give your skin a break every once in a while with a powder foundation =)


I always wear some blush to make myself look more a live, you’d be surprised what a difference blush makes. I always do a little bit of contouring as well.

my face

And here is my finished product! As you can see it is a very natural look, I like to keep it simple for work as well as day time. Also, don’t forget to set your makeup with a setting spray!

xoxo, Simona and Indre 

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