Daytrip to Homegoods

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A day off of work, what to do? Well for starters, my bedroom was a little dull so I decided to do some retail therapy….at Homegoods! Obviously the mug is for my coffee consumption, but the rest I bought to revamp my bedroom 😀


 Before this wall had no spunk to it. The only thing on this wall was my framed house speaker system #verydull. So I added two small items to spice it up! The “Hello Sunshine” plaque I actually ran across at the local Goodwill and couldn’t pass it up for $2.99. I also needed some sort of organizer for my room, though I may have an office in the house, my bills somehow always end up laying around my room. To fix that problem I wanted some sort of envelope shelving so that I can track my bills from my bedroom and there it was! A white distressed with gold trim thingamabob that would hold my bills and match the color scheme in my room. Only $14.99 too!


In another corner of my room, I had this sad wall that sometimes would contain a mountain of clothes beneath it. Solution? Hooks of course! Now instead of housing clothes on the floor, I can hang them up. This yellow distressed whale fluke hook holder was just $12.99. I mean, whales are my favorite animal, how could I not buy this? However, it looked a little lonely all by itself on the wall so I bought a nautical frame for $6.99 to keep it company 😉


The saddest part of my bedroom was this wall! I’ve had that picture hanging there for almost two years. Lately I’ve been doing some research on “gallery walls”. Pinterest had 20 different ways to make a gallery wall, but I just do not have the patience to outline frames, hang the paper up, etc….so instead I bought a new picture for my room and put all those frames laying around to good use, slapped them onto the wall and got this:


Okay, so the pillows are new too! 😉

Happy re-decorating!

xoxo, Simona and Indre

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