Bronkberry Farms

the farm

This weekend my husband, Joe, and I did some gardening. Since we just bought our house this January, the front yard needed some love. We discovered the cutest little farm in our neighborhood, called Bronkberry Farms. Not only did they have beautiful flowers, but also other fun items such as; pies, natural cosmetics, soaps, lawn ornaments/decorations. This was definitely a good hidden gem we found!


lawn ornaments

flower chair

flowers in shoes

I love this idea, definitely gives it that southern feel.

garden sign



Organic honey, cocktail garnishes, and iced teas.

cosmetic products shelve

Natural cosmetics

soaps up close

coffee station

How cute is this antique coffee station?! Can I put this in my house!?

flower 4

flower 3

flower 2

flower 1

Happy Gardening!!

xoxo, Simona and Indre 


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