Easy Hair “Poof” Tutorial

I have been a hair guru for quite some time now. However, I do have really fine hair and my first go to step is to always tease and poof my hair to add some volume. Here friends is a very easy tutorial to achieve said poof!

FullSizeRender (8).jpg         All you will need is literally a teasing comb. These come in different varieties but I like to use this one.

IMG_2955   First step is literally to just take the hair at the top of the front of your head and seperate it from the rest, such as the picture.

IMG_2957IMG_2959So clip off the front hair and take another section of your hair from the crown and tease the living daylights out of it! As you can see in the picture above, it looks very messy, as it should. Take the teased hair and flip it over to rest towards the front of your hair.

IMG_2961Now, you have your first glob of hair resting on the front of your head, take yet another section of hair and tease that as well.

IMG_2967IMG_2972Ok, then take all that globbed up hair and flip it back over and comb it out a little bit so it looks cleaner. Then take your original hair from the front of your head that we clipped to the side and only tease the back of it. Set it down on your head, brush away any unwanted glob-ness and you have yourself a poof!


Happy Teasing friends!

xoxo, Simona & Indre

6 thoughts on “Easy Hair “Poof” Tutorial

  1. Wow the final result looks great!! I’m not necessarily proud to admit that I’m a bit too lazy when it comes to hairstyling but when I see easy tips or ideas like yours I feel like being more adventurous with my hair. 😉 Thanks for the inspo, dear!



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