Tourist’s in St. Charles, IL

Welcome back fellow friends! We apologize for being MIA for about a month, but life gets in the way sometimes. But not to fear! We are back with some awesome new features that include Make Up Mondays, (Whatever) Wednesdays, and Fashion Fridays. We hope all of you come along for the ride and also noticed the small changes on the site itself!

So what better way to make a come back than to blast you guys with photos of our fabulous Sunday afternoon! A fun longtime activity of ours has always been antique-ing. There is a little old town in Illinois that goes by the name of St.Charles; an antiquers paradise. Not only did we check out the shops, but we also decided to hit up some of the local tourist spots as well.pic 2 Simona was looking for new toys for her cats, we thought knocking over a shelf full of glasses would be fun for them.#sold #catheavenpic 3pic 4 Indre is a dedicated rotary dial and old push tone phone collector, I think she just added another phone to the collection.pic 5picture 6pic 7 Somebody is turning 26 soon! pic 10pic 11picture 9pic 12               The secret garden behind the antique shoppic 13pic 14               We stopped by an old fashioned soda pop and candy shop. Will you check out this soda wall?!pic 15pic 16              And we of course had to stop and refuel with some lunch!pic 17pic 18

What did you guys do for you Sunday funday?

xoxo, Simona and Indre

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