Farewell to Summer 16′

Well dear friends, we have finally hit the last month of summer. Growing up, the coming of August always meant a brand new school year ahead of you and the mark of the official end of summer. With it being such a busy summer (Simona buying a new house and me still adjusting to puppyhood and a semi new job) I wanted to have one last good trip to bid summer 16′ goodbye. So what better way to say goodbye to summer than to go to the one place that is the symbol of summer: the beach.290Being near such a massive body of water is my calm place. Most people would come in their swimsuits, but I honestly didn’t come to the beach this day to swim. I came to get my final zen because I know I will not be making it back until my crazy winter beach trips come around.289 288286Since it’s a little too late to get that fabulous summer tan, you can do what Simona did and get that self tanner that works flawlessly (flawless self tanner pictures coming soon :P), or if you are naturally pale and blend in with white walls like Indre, then sorry, there is just no hope for your tan 😦282Whatever your last summer adventure will be, may it be a good one. How will you bid summer 16′ farewell?

xoxo, Simona and Indre

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