Makeup Monday: Beauty items we forget to clean

I am very good when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes and also cleaning other beauty items that we may not even think about cleaning. I finally turned Indre into a makeup brush cleaner as well ;), took me a while to get here there-but it is safe to say now that she is a makeup that she is there (insert thumbs up emoji here). I am a huge believer on cleaning the beauty items mentioned above. It is SO simple and so rewarding in the end, when you see what a huge difference it makes. We use these items on a daily basis, so can you imagine how much build up they get?!

pic 6 final

You don’t need to go out and buy a fancy cleanser, just use what you have at home! All you need is: a toothbrush, towel, antibacterial dish soap, large bowl and water.

pic 2 final

Make sure to get all the hair out before you begin the washing process. Pull the hair out with your hands and then use a comb to get those pieces of hair that are left behind.

washing brush

Squirt dish soap on your hair brush and go to town with the toothbrush! Make sure to get in-between every.single.row. Scrub every single bristle, get the whole bed of the brush and also the border. After you are done with the scrubbing make sure to rinse it off well.

brushes together

Look at the before picture on the left, YUCK!! You can see all the build up from hair products and dust. The picture on the right is much more appealing =). Can you imagine brushing your hair with the one on the left, clean your hair brushes theirs no need to buy a new one!

pic 9 final

This is all the gunk that came off the brush.

pic 8 final

Combs also get build up, so show some love to them as well. Don’t forget your teasing combs, too!

lash comb

It is very important to clean anything that comes near your eyes. Lash combs tend to build up with mascara quickly and no one wants an eye infection! It takes 2 minutes to clean, do it once a week and you’ll be fine.

brow brush

Brow combs build up with any product that you put on your brows. Again, only takes a couple of minutes to clean. If you get breakouts near your eyebrows, not cleaning your brow comb maybe why 😉

lash curler

My eyelash curler is one I make sure to always clean, no one want’s a bacteria/gunky curler to touch their eyes! I know it’s hard to see the difference between the two, but you can see how much the darker the one on the left is now that the build up is of off it!

pic 16 final

After you are done giving everyone a bath set them on a towel to dry. Turn your hair brush upside down so that all the water can drain out.

Happy cleaning, and enjoy those clean beauty items!

xoxo, Simona and Indre


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