Restoring Last Years’ Boots

Hello loves! So lets begin with the fact that this post is going to be pretty ugly because it is for educational purposes, not for the sake of pretty pictures! Every year, and I mean EVERY year around this time I start digging up my old boots from the previous year. Well, what I have learned is that nine times out of ten, these boots are trashed, dirty, and not to be ever worn again. I then proceed to hit the mall and spend a fortune on new boots and then kick myself later for it for 1) Not taking better care of my old boots and 2) For having to spend a fortune on boots…AGAIN! This stops today, for I have finally found a solution that replenishes my old boots into what looks like brand new boots! In these photos, I will be working with maroon suede booties.

sneaky 1You will only need 3 item for this cocktail! Vinegar, a cotton rag, and a lint roller.

sneaky 2sneaky 3Okay, don’t judge me! I am fully aware that my boots look like they have been sitting in the nesting grounds of a spider and if you look hard enough, there’s some awkward black stain in the second picture that came from god knows where.

step whatrSo how to get rid of the baby spider eggs? Use the lint roller of course! Lint roll the living day lights out of your boots, it gets rid of all the dust and debris your boots have collected sitting in the corner for the past year.

The next step did not require a picture because all you do is take your cotton cloth, dab vinegar on it and scrub away the dirt spots. I use vinegar on all my boots because it is sensitive enough to where it doesn’t make the color of the boot bleed and it doesn’t stain it, it simply just cleans the boot like a magic eraser would. I also use vinegar to clean the heel part of the boot as well.

lost trackclean version.jpgNo dust, no spider stains, no black stains, all gone! All you need to do now is air out your boots because who wants to smell like vinegar?

Tada! Good as new and ready for a whole new fall season! Hope this helps all of you restore your old boots and most importantly, save that money!

xoxo, Simona and Indre

43 thoughts on “Restoring Last Years’ Boots

  1. I’ve actually just bought a couple of knee-high pairs of suede boots, so I’ll definitely keeping your tips in mind ready for when I first need to clean them!!


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