The Things that Matter

Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, make my coffee (obviously!) make up, hair, etc. But there is always one (actually three) things I never leave the house without. My three bracelets. They’re not just any old bracelets either, they’re bracelets that matter and have some significant meaning or memory to me. They are the last thing I always put on before leaving the house because I literally feel naked without them.

bracelet 3bracelet 2bracelet 4

This here is the first bracelet I slip on every morning; the Alex and Ani Sea Shell Charm Bangle. The first time I ever noticed Alex and Ani was when Simona started wearing their products, in fact she had multiple bangles from them and I noticed them on her because they stacked so nicely. What makes this one so special is Simona gave it to me the night before her wedding last year ( of course I cried when she gave it to me). It is my first and only Alex and Ani bracelet and I love it to pieces. The ocean is my favorite place on earth and it brings me the most zen so if a bracelet could describe me in a nutshell (no pun intended!) this would be it. I wear it every day because my best friend gave it to me the night before one of the most important days of her life. I really like Alex and Ani’s products because they are light and not to mention, make great gifts. They have a huge selection from bracelets to necklaces, so if you can’t figure out how to say thank you to someone, make someone feel important for a moment, or just because they deserve a little something…Alex and Ani is the perfect way to say any of those things because the cards that come with the jewelry say what you meant to say for you.

bracelet 5

The second piece I put on is my Infinite Warrior positive energy bracelet. Last year, around Christmas time, we went to Oak Brook mall with our parents because every year they set up an outside shop with over a dozen shops from around the country, this is how we came across Infinite Warrior. I love things that exude energy in some way, shape or form so I was immediately drawn to the shop itself. This here is a goldstone bracelet, and coming from the maker herself -“goldstone is said to help attain goals and deflect unwanted energies/distractions.” I like drawing positive energy into my life and I like to think that this little piece on me every day does just that. Me, Simona and our mom were so intrigued by the shop that all three of us bought a bracelet. Lucky for you guys, Infinite Warrior can be found on Etsy here.

bracelet 7bracelet 6

Some of you may be familiar with the lokai bracelet. This bracelet is pretty self explanatory. To me it represents the low and high points of my life and how to find a balance when in those moments. Lokai offers different bracelets for different meanings and for different charities. This one was most relevant to my life and it is why I own it.

bracelet final.jpg

It’s little things like these that bring energy, balance, and matter to my life each and every day. What does it for you guys?

xoxo, Simona and Indre 

25 thoughts on “The Things that Matter

  1. This is such a lovely post, girlie, I love all your bracelets! I’ve heard of Alex and Ani bracelets because my step-daughter had asked us to get her one for the holidays, but we weren’t able to find the one she wanted, hopefully this year we can! As for the Lokai, I have one myself, which I love, too! I had the opportunity to talk to the creator a few years ago and he mentioned that he got the idea when he lost a family member, who was so close to him, which was symbolic of the low point in his life. Simultaneously, he had some successful moments, which represented the highs. It was pretty cool to talk to him and understand the meaning behind these extremely popular bracelets. I think the reason they’re so popular is because it symbolizes faith and hope, which everyone needs some encouragement for! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having the best week so far!




    1. Ohh wow, I didn’t know the story behind the bracelet-that is so cool that you got to talk to him! I am a huge fan of the bracelet =). It used to be hard to find the Alex and Ani bracelets, now they are everywhere!


  2. These bracelets are so beautiful and they look so lovely together! I think it’s great that they carry so much meaning to you, too – it truly makes them all the more special. I only have one bracelet that I wear regularly, it was a gift from my boyfriend for valentine’s day a few years back. X x x I think jewellery in general can be really special, it’s not something that most of us buy regularly so there are always some lovely memories attached to it. X



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