Simona’s food log

I love doing these type of posts, looking back on my day and going over what I ate is a good way to see how I did. For breakfast, one of my favorite go-to’s is oatmeal. I love playing around with it by adding fruit, nuts, seeds and so on-the opportunities for oatmeal are endless!


The ingredients used for todays oatmeal were:

-Yogurt of your choice-I used vanilla, it helps with making your oatmeal less dry- ain’t no body want dry oatmeal!

-Bananas and strawberries

-Coconut chips- I love these, they add a nice crunch!

-Chia seeds, perfect Omega 3’s!!


This was so delicious! It kept me pretty full all morning. This is one of my favorite ways to prepare my oatmeal, I love adding blueberries as well. I have been reading about acai bowls and have been wanting to try them out-will have to give it a go soon!


Lunch time!!! I wasn’t extremely hungry, but was ready for a small meal. I am a huge fan of watermelon, it definitely tastes the best in summer rather then the colder months. I also had a banana with peanut butter wrap, a quick and easy pick me up.

All you need are these 3 simple ingredients; wraps, peanut butter and a banana. Grab your wrap load it with peanut butter and banana wrap it up, slice it in half and enjoy!

Joe and I weren’t in a mood to cook dinner so we decided to go to Chilis-one of our favorite places to go to. I was craving some shrimp tacos and this hit the spot. Not the best meal health wise, but not the worst.

Hope you guys get some ideas from my food log!

xoxo, Simona


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