It’s my Birthday!! I still get excited like I did when I was a kid-it means no work and a day filled with fun. Who wouldn’t like that?! I honestly feel like I am still 18- age is just a number, don’t let it get to you =). The perks of having your birthday in fall is, pumpkin patches!!! Fall is definitely my favorite, not because it’s my birthday, but al the fun activities that go along with the season. I felt like a kid all day on my birthday, I forget how fun a pumpkin patch really is! We also ate out for.every.single.meal of the day, oops- it’s allowed when it’s your birthday right?!


Joe and I picked up 2 huge pumpkins, can’t wait until we carve them! I also love pumpkin seeds, I am also looking forward to pumpkin seeds.


It was a cloudy day, but it sure did pay off in pictures! My husband put together a perfect day for me =)


Yup, it’s love. #InsertHeartEmojiHere



These pictures crack me up! As soon as I saw these little guys I knew I had to get in there! I mean, that’s exactly why there was a huge gap there, right?!




I had SO much fun, couldn’t have asked for a better day- till next year!

xoxo, Simona and Indre


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