Tis’ the Harvest Season

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I have always preferred the colder weather over the heatstroke of summer. To narrow it down for you guys, October just so happens to be my favorite fall month and it just so happens to be around the corner! I like October because to me, it officially commences the holiday season. Also, there are a TON of activities that only come around during the fall/Halloween season. So, to make sure none of you spend any spare time doing something non-harvest season related, we’ve compiled a to-do must list for you guys for the month of October!

Pumpkin carving– my first time ever carving a pumpkin was literally last year and I had an absolute blast! I carved a goofy face into it and put a candle in it and set it on my front porch and I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun gutting and carving a fruit (yes, pumpkins are considered a fruit)! I already bought my pumpkin carving kit weeks ago for this season, and I can’t wait to carve that sucker!

Pumpkin patches– okay, I am either a big kid at heart or pumpkin patches are the bomb dot com. I have the best time ever visiting the petting zoo, the corn mazes, the awesome food. The joy is endless at a pumpkin patch my friends, and I hope it makes it onto your must do list this month.

Horror movies– I know, some of you must be thinking “horror movies? No way Jose!” Believe me, that’s EXACTLY how I am. I watch horror movies with one hand over my eyes. But you know what, that feeling of fear is kind of thrilling! And tis’ the season of thrills is it not? My boyfriend and I started a “tis the sqeason” movie marathon. We watch horror movies every chance we get and we drink out of count Dracula wine glasses. I know, we’re kind of classy.

Haunted tours– I am one that is very squeemish to haunted house, so I will definitely not be doing those. Instead, I do haunted tours of cities. Living near Chicago, there are a lot of haunted tours available for me. These haunted tours usually walk you through all the haunted buildings (etc) of that specific town and are a load full of fun and scary! If you have not done one before, I highly recommend googling some haunted tours in your area.

Harvest goodies– another fun part about Halloween is all the goody snacks and treats you can make. You will see us featuring some of these on the blog soon, but they are a fun activity and even more fun to eat. So whether it be for the house or for a party, I highly suggest pinterest-ing some recipes in the meantime.

Now listen here friends, this is the best activity advice I will give you for any season. You need to live like a tourist. You may wonder how I find all these pumpkin patches, hiking ground, fall festivals…well all I did was google “travel Illinois” and found this nifty website www.enjoyillinois.com and it gives me option after option of things to do for every season. So the point of all this, google your home state and look into what fun you can have this harvest season!

xoxo, Simona and Indre