Food Log Face Off

Happy Wednesday readers! Alright, so one of us is a health nut and the other eats what she finds. So to entertain ourselves and of course do this as a learning experience, we decided to both log what we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and compare the outcomes. We added a questionnaire with commentaries from each sister to supplement this blog. Here it goes!


Who ate (drank) what?

Indre: Of course I ate the hearty egg and sausage breakfast! Ok, just kidding, I had the coffee. I don’t have time to make breakfast and I know, believe me, I know it’s the most important meal of the day but coffee lasts me through lunch and quite frankly, it’s all I want in the morning! #coffeeproblems

Simona: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, on days off I like to sit down and take my time and enjoy my food. I try to eat something semi healthy- but there are days where I do slip up and that’s ok! But just having coffee for breakfast, I’d be hangry in 30 minutes!

What changes do you plan on making for your breakfast routine?

Indre: I am either going to prepare my breakfast the night before so it’s waiting for me in the morning like my coffee is or I am going to have to sacrifice half an hour of sleep to wake up early to make the breakfast. What do you guys think is a more effective way to get some breakfast into your system?

Simona: None, I’m already a breakfast champ. Haha just kidding! One thing I want to get better at is on days I do work instead of picking something up (I don’t do this all the time) make something at home. Good tip for those who don’t have time to eat in the morning, ahem Indre, make something you can eat in the car!

What do you think of your sisters breakfast eating habits?

Indre: Pffft, overachiever! No, no, no I know Simona has been trying to be a lot better with her eating habits so I am very proud of her for presenting and eating the breakfast that she does. Shame on me for my poor breakfast!

Simona: ‘Insert thumbs down emoji here’ Need’s improvement for sure!


What did you eat?

Indre:¬†Pigs in a blanket, even though they look like pigs in a comforter. With a side of “The Happiness Project” because there’s a stain on the book so I clearly missed my mouth. In the plastic mason jar? Naked mango juice.

Simona: That healthy looking salad ūüėČ

Why did you pick this to eat for lunch?

Indre: I had these for dinner the other night and there was some left over and I had a taste for them, so lucky me got exactly what I was craving for lunch!

Simona: I had a delicious salad, said no one ever- but I swear this one was actually really good! In this salad cucumbers, potatoes and a veggie patty, with a little bit of ranch drizzled on top. Delicious and simple to make!

Thoughts on your sisters lunch?

Indre: It looks good but what is it? Potatoes scrambled with cucumbers?

Simona: Our mom makes these, and they are so yummy! I am actually pretty jealous of this lunch.


What did you eat?

Indre:¬†Noodles mixed with my secret clam chowder and ketchup sauce, and some’s dinner after all!

Simona: Sometimes a girl just needs pizza in her life!

Would you say this was a “healthy” choice?

Indre: Yes, yes I would! *pats myself on the back*

Simona: Wellll I wouldn’t say that pizza is the healthiest choice option out there. I try to eat healthy during the week, and have a cheat day on the weekend. Since both my husband and I were off, we were too lazy to cook and ordered some pizza! #treatyoself

How did your sister do?

Indre: Thanks for the invite to your house for pizza night. NOT!

Simona:¬†Who doesn’t love noodles!! I could eat noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Final Thoughts?

Indre:¬†The way I feel about the health craze lately is I’m not too crazy about it. I’m not saying I don’t eat healthy, but I’m not saying I do eat unhealthy either. Through out my day I find an equal balance between the two. What did I learn from this log? It bothered me all day long that I didn’t eat breakfast and it really wouldn’t kill me to wake up early to put some extra nutrition into my body. Stay tuned for Indre’s breakfast blog post ya’ll! P.S. sorry for the yucky looking pictures, but there’s just no putting filters on my food!

Simona: I loved the idea of taking pictures and then looking back on what I ate all day. It gives you a reminder of what you put into your body all day. I am a huge foodie, I LOVE food-especially trying new things. Lately I have been trying to eat more nutritious food and am more aware of what I am putting into my body, but there are days where I eat food that I know isn’t the best for me. You would be surprised how food affects your body-but there is no way I am giving up pizza!

xoxo, Simona and Indre