Revlon: Matte Balm

So this is my latest investment as far as make up goes. I have been looking for quite some time for a mauve-y lip color, one that stays on forever hopefully, and this Revlon balm is the one I chose.

revlon 2.jpgThis here is the Revlon Matte Balm “Sultry Sulfureuse-225”

revlon 3.jpg

I had to do the “test it on your wrist” test of course! And guess what? It didn’t fail! P.S. That fairy silhouette tattoo is the first tattoos Simona and I got. Us cheesy sisters are 100% for matching tattoos!  But on this wrist, the color proved to be bright and just the perfect notch of mauve.

revlon 4.jpg


Here’s a little cheap trick I have always used to make lip stick last longer before I show you guys the final result. Put on a first layer of lipstick THEN put some face powder on your lips and put a second layer of lipstick on. It literally doubles the life of your lipstick span.


And voila! Perfect mauve-ness! Final thoughts on the balm? So it has this really neat minty feel to it which I really liked. It also sticks to your lips really well, by that I mean upon immediate layer of lipstick, I could feel an instant drying. With the layer of powder, that only got better! Over all it stays on very well for hours, but the second you put food to your mouth, that color does start to dwindle away. Over all, I am satisfied 🙂 and with the variety of colors that these balms come in, I would highly recommend it.

xoxo, Simona and Indre